Nail Candy

Today I am going to show you this amazing nailart book! I got it for my birthday from lovely friends ❤ I am in love with the cover it’s just PERFECT !


The name of the book is Nail Candy and it is written by two sisters ‘Donne & Ginny Geer’. In the book you find more than 50 ideas for nails and a lot of easy tutorials! There are a lot of nails for beginners but there are some harder nailarts too! In the book you can find some great tips, for example ‘how to get a perfect mani’ and ‘how to shape and file your nails’. They also write about all kinds of nailart tools!


I highly recommend this book! You can look in it for hours and the pictures are just soo pretty and cute! It’s also a super cute present to give to someone that’s really into nailart! In one word: gobuythisbook !


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