black/white water marble (step by step)



In this blogpost I will show you how to make this black/white water marble nailart!


what you need:

– tape

– white and black nailpolish

– perfume (with alcohol in it)

– glas of room temperature water

– toothpicks 


step 1:

Paint your nails white, when they are dry cover your finger tips with tape.



step 2:

Drop 2 drops of black nailpolish into the water.Image

step 3:

Then spray some perfume on the black polish in the water.



step 4: 

Dip one of your fingers into the water, keep your finger in the water when you remove the remaining nailpolish in the water (use a toothpick). Then take your finger out of the water and remove the tape, repeat this with every finger.


And then your black/white water marble nails are finished!! It will take some time and it will be a lot of work but it is worth it!


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